Music as Art vs Commodity Culture

Why Taylor Swift's reasoning is flawed even if the end result is good

We're all aware of Taylor Swift's decision to remove her 1989 album from Spotify's streaming music catalog. There are many reasons that as a student of media and media markets, and as a musician myself, that I agree with and understand why this is a good thing. Spotify and Pandora barely pay anything out to the artists they stream and once those miniscule royalties are split between publishers, songwriters, and performers, there's little return for anyone involved in that process beyond the infrastructure provider. Aloe Blacc has a well-written article on Wired right now explaining his own experiences with the new streaming realities.

This works, truthfully, much the same way any traditional major label deal has worked in the past, just with much smaller payouts. The artist signs, gets a payment upfront, and begins recouping the expenses


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