Thoughts on WordPress Themes

Last week I wrote a piece on the Bravery blog about why we don't mod premium themes for WordPress. The majority of the professional web development work that I do is on WordPress and has been for the past four or so years. Before that I did WordPress primarily as a side gig while doing development on dotCMS and web marketing in higher education. Today, though, WordPress fills my days.

When I started out with WordPress I did the normal progresison of things and either modified existing themes or built on top of plain theme "frameworks". But a couple years into it, after learning a lot more about CSS and markup and putting my own standards on top of my coding practice, I decided that building themes from scratch was the way to go.

My main qualms with the premium theme market—and to be clear, my mind immediately goes


Now Ghost and ... Ghost?

Tonight I moved my Ghost blog off of Digital Ocean and over to Ghost Pro (the hosted service by the people that built ghost). I did this for a few reasons, but the main one is that because Digital Ocean requires you point your DNS to their nameservers, they make [ … ]


Ghost and Digital Ocean

It's become commonplace for me that, while I'm in the middle of a bunch of projects that start to drain my creativity, I work on some personal projects. Usually that involves things a lot more complicated than I probably should take on. So this week I started working on two [ … ]


The Internet ... it's not another place // @reckless

The internet isn’t an adjunct to real life; it’s not another place. You don’t do things "on the internet," you just do things. The network is interwoven into every moment of our lives, and we should treat it that way. via The internet is fucked | The Verge [ … ]


On Mixtapes [and Their Progeny]

Mixtapes are hard. Putting on my old man hat, I remember sitting in my bedroom in junior high with a dual cassette deck recording mixes of songs for long trips. Those tapes lasted, maybe, 90 minutes and my music tastes were atrocious; such terrible taste didn't belong on any sort [ … ]